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Latest Presets for this Theme

Theme Presets are ready-made design combinations that you can load on top of your Supertheme, each Supertheme comes with a wide range of different Theme Presets that you can easily edit and customize with LTE. Edit a preset, store your designs and get more for free from our constantly growing preset pool.

Presets for this Theme

Theme Overview:

Evolutive is a unique WordPress theme ideal for Photography, Portfolios, Artists, Designers, Small companies, and whenever you want a great image-centric grid layout, making your content look clean and organised, with some unique cool features. Ajaxed contextual navigation, enhancing your site’s usability, makes your site fast, reactive and fun to use.Image  “lazy loading”makes your site’s images  load more efficiently.Ultimate graphics personalization makes you forget the usual customization pain, the Live Theme Editor makes customizing your site real fun.

Live Theme Editor Powered

Deeply customize the elements of your site's layout with your mouse only: fonts, sizes, colors, margins, backgrounds... Experience unprecedented fun and power with the LTE editor! Say goodbye to massive CSS coding, and preview LIVE your layout changes. Web design turning into a point and click affair. Don't miss it!

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Live Content Editor Ready

With this little yet super-powerful tool you can edit all your theme contents LIVE and WYSIWYG from your frontend. Creating a post and shaping it live on your frontend its now matter of a couple of clicks. Its still in beta mode so some features are still to be implemented and some are still a bit rough but the main functionalities are working properly!

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Add custom CSS  with the Advanced Mode

For all the CSS jedis out there who love to have total control, an "advanced mode" feature is provided too: a live CSS editor lets you instantly preview and add your custom CSS code.

Free presets!

Looking for some inspiration? Dive into the Cluster-One Preset community, a simple and effective moderated virtual place which collects some useful Presets - great starting points for a great Portfolio theme design. Feeling social today? Share your preset in the community, if you want, with another click.

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Post specific options

Want to make a post that has double the size of the others? Need to assign particular styles to a specific post? With Superthemes Post Specific Options you can tweak the appearance of your single posts to make them unique: everything is ultra customizable in a snap.

Theme Details

  • Ajax Navigation
  • Dynamic grid
  • Expanded post into the grid
  • Widget ready
  • Dynamic menu ready
  • LTE ready
  • LCE ready
  • Post specific options ready

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