Embed HTML in your WordPress posts or pages with ease

EmbedItPRO is a free plugin that allows you to embed any html code in a post (or page), deciding precisely where to embed it, allowing you freedom of coding your HTML without being annoyed by the wysiwyg editor. It’s like creating shortcodes on the fly.

Embedit PRO allows you to embed HTML with two different methods:

HTML Snippet Embed: Super simple. Super convenient.

You can create and  store HTML snippets in a specific menu, and then add them in your content   just clicking the “HTML Snippet” button in the post editor.

[A note for geeks: it’s like creating on the fly a new shortcode that you can use on every post or page of your blog.]

View this quick start video and see how useful and easy this is.

After embedding your code, in your post you will see that a contextual “edit snippetdirect editing button is provided for the site administrator’s convenience. So you can immediately tweak your embedded HTML, useful for changing sizes on the fly.

HTML Snippets can be a handy way of having a “pastebin” for your stuff too – play with it, you’ll love it.

Custom Fields content embed. Quick & no-frills.

Are you familiar with custom fields? Paste your HTML code to embed in a custom field of your choice, and then place a shortcode in your  content by   clicking the “Custom Field” button.

[Note for geeks: EmbedIt will paste for you a “post-specific” shortcode, which calls a custom field]

See how it works – watch the video: it’s easier said then done.

This is very useful when you need to quickly embed just in a single post some HTML, without leaving the post editing window.

GET IT NOW. Stop fighting with your content!

DOWNLOAD, enable, zero configuration necessary.
Learn how to use it: watch the videos above if you did not yet.

Embedit PRO will save you a lot of time, a quick solution for many occasions. No messing around, and compatible with any html embeddable service. And of course, you can write your own html code, without having the hassle of dealing with the WordPress WISYWYG editor.

When Embedit PRO is useful?

It can be very handy when you need   to:

  • Embed Youtube videos into wordpress – sometimes the auto-embed does not act like you wanted to, or you want more customization options
  • Embed Ustream, LiveStream, SoundCloud or any other service which gives you a HTML embed code into your WordPress site, without needing any extra tools, keeping “one size fits them all” approach instead of having tons of active plugins.
  • Embed a custom Google Map into wordpress
  • Embed some custom  HTML code into wordpress
  • Embed Ads in WordPress: for example EmeditPRO can be used to place some specific Adsense code into each single wordpress post  deciding WHERE it should go. Some people want to do that to maximize revenue.
  • Embed IFRAMES into a WordPress page or post. Sometimes it can be a pain, things get better with EmbedIt snippets and their contextual editing link.

 A note for former EmbedIt plugin users – very important

You should definitely start using Embedit PRO, but don’t throw away the old EmbedIt, if you were using it on  your site.

Embedit PRO it’s a completely simpler and more efficient way of doing HTML embeds, and it’s more  compliant to the WordPress stardards. It is much more powerful and flexible too. It takes advantage of some of the best WordPress features like custom fields, custom post types, and shortcodes tightened together. It does not have any of the limitations of the original EmbedIt.

If you were using the old EmbedIt plugin, KEEP BOTH VERSIONS ACTIVE

Your old content still needs the old  Embedit plugin (unsupported, still available here) in order to be displayed properly. Not a problem since they are both VERY LIGHTWEIGHT plugins, the new Embedit PRO makes less queries to display your posts.