Embed HTML in your WordPress posts or pages with ease

EmbedItPRO is a free plugin that allows you to embed any html code in a post (or page), deciding precisely where to embed it, allowing you freedom of coding your HTML without being annoyed by the wysiwyg editor. It’s like creating shortcodes on the fly.

Embedit PRO allows you to embed HTML with two different methods:

HTML Snippet Embed: Super simple. Super convenient.

You can create and  store HTML snippets in a specific menu, and then add them in your content   just clicking the “HTML Snippet” button in the post editor.

[A note for geeks: it’s like creating on the fly a new shortcode that you can use on every post or page of your blog.]

View this quick start video and see how useful and easy this is.

After embedding your code, in your post you will see that a contextual “edit snippetdirect editing button is provided for the site administrator’s convenience. So you can immediately tweak your embedded HTML, useful for changing sizes on the fly.

HTML Snippets can be a handy way of having a “pastebin” for your stuff too – play with it, you’ll love it.

Custom Fields content embed. Quick & no-frills.

Are you familiar with custom fields? Paste your HTML code to embed in a custom field of your choice, and then place a shortcode in your  content by   clicking the “Custom Field” button.

[Note for geeks: EmbedIt will paste for you a “post-specific” shortcode, which calls a custom field]

See how it works – watch the video: it’s easier said then done.

This is very useful when you need to quickly embed just in a single post some HTML, without leaving the post editing window.

GET IT NOW. Stop fighting with your content!

DOWNLOAD, enable, zero configuration necessary.
Learn how to use it: watch the videos above if you did not yet.

Embedit PRO will save you a lot of time, a quick solution for many occasions. No messing around, and compatible with any html embeddable service. And of course, you can write your own html code, without having the hassle of dealing with the WordPress WISYWYG editor.

When Embedit PRO is useful?

It can be very handy when you need   to:

  • Embed Youtube videos into wordpress – sometimes the auto-embed does not act like you wanted to, or you want more customization options
  • Embed Ustream, LiveStream, SoundCloud or any other service which gives you a HTML embed code into your WordPress site, without needing any extra tools, keeping “one size fits them all” approach instead of having tons of active plugins.
  • Embed a custom Google Map into wordpress
  • Embed some custom  HTML code into wordpress
  • Embed Ads in WordPress: for example EmeditPRO can be used to place some specific Adsense code into each single wordpress post  deciding WHERE it should go. Some people want to do that to maximize revenue.
  • Embed IFRAMES into a WordPress page or post. Sometimes it can be a pain, things get better with EmbedIt snippets and their contextual editing link.

 A note for former EmbedIt plugin users – very important

You should definitely start using Embedit PRO, but don’t throw away the old EmbedIt, if you were using it on  your site.

Embedit PRO it’s a completely simpler and more efficient way of doing HTML embeds, and it’s more  compliant to the WordPress stardards. It is much more powerful and flexible too. It takes advantage of some of the best WordPress features like custom fields, custom post types, and shortcodes tightened together. It does not have any of the limitations of the original EmbedIt.

If you were using the old EmbedIt plugin, KEEP BOTH VERSIONS ACTIVE

Your old content still needs the old  Embedit plugin (unsupported, still available here) in order to be displayed properly. Not a problem since they are both VERY LIGHTWEIGHT plugins, the new Embedit PRO makes less queries to display your posts.

47 thoughts on “Embed HTML in your WordPress posts or pages with ease

  1. Bloody brilliant. I have truly come to hate WordPress within a very short period of time for its nasty rewriting of any code bits I insert.
    This solved a big issue for me. I do prefer editing in WYSIWYG – at least now WordPress doesn’t constantly delete the code I insert.

  2. Not work for me. : /
    Menus, HTML Snippet and Custom Code shows, but when a publish appers only [embedit cf=”HTML1″] or [embedit snippet=”HTML1″]
    I use WordPress 3.3.1 pt_BR and Embedit 1.1.0

  3. The plugin working fine while producing HTML into WordPress page but my issue is ,after installing the plugin,the WordPress wysiwyg editor is seems disabled (I can’t enter any details inside editor).
    How can I make it work?

    Thanks for the nice plugin.

    1. ditto – it may depend on your theme, or incompatible plugins – try disabling them and enabling them once at a time to figure out the culprit.

    2. It is still true in 2013 Version 1.11
      there are hidden character in the code …

      remove them, and the code will appear !

  4. I’m fairly new to WordPress.
    I tried to figure out how to use your plugin, but the videos are such dreadful (like … really blurry) quality, I couldn’t work anything out.

    Sorry, it looks like it would be good if I could figure it out. Some old-fashioned written instructions would be great.

  5. Can you write more detailed installation instructions? I’ve never used a WordPress plugin before, and I can’t figure out where to start. I downloaded the plugin, but I don’t know what to do now to get the plugin menu to show up in my Dashboard.

  6. I am very grateful to have found this. It works! I tried many, and I mean, many others and none worked at all. Not even the BrightCove plugin.

    My only problem is that it shows up very large and covers the entire screen wideo. It looks silly that large. Is there a way to scale it down. I went into the code and made it smaller in size and it still shows up so large!

    HELP! Thank you!

  7. it’s up to your object to decide it’s size – you need to learn some HTML coding I fear. What are you embedding?

  8. Matteo, even though I haven’t quit figured out how to do what I need to do with your pluggin I can tell from the other posts you truly are a genious. I’m beyond a newbie (meaning younger then a newbie) and all I really need to do is basically wrap (or iFrame) 5 different sites into one WordPress Multisite. So the difference from your instructional videos being rather then pieces (or video) from another site I need the whole site (5 in total) to be iFramed (or wrapped) into my multisite. Would you please give me some direction on how best to achieve this using your AWESOME plugin or another one you feel might work better for me! Thanks so much in advance for your help on this, you have no idea how long I’ve spent trying to figure this seeming easy task… I would be embarrassed to tell you how long…

  9. Just a quick question.. can the plugin handle HTML form elements and mixed javascript too? Ideally, I’d really like to be able to just copy-paste a massive HTML form with javascript handling scripts all into the plugin.. this would be a *huge* time-saver, if the plugin can handle it.

  10. Does EmbeditPro have a limit as to how many lines of HTML can be used? I created a snippet that displays about 50 lines of text and 20 images. Then I called it from a Post using the [embedit snippet…] line. That is the only line in the post because the post is made up entirely of this HTML code snippet.

    Only 5 images and about 20 lines of text appear. It just truncates…

  11. There shouldn’t be a technical limit as snippets are just a custom post type. Try to see if the problem relies in your specific content of the snippet.

  12. Plug-in works wonderfully – but i was wanting to use it to create a global footer for a Multi-Site network, and it appears the snippet needs to be created on each MS, even when network activated.

    I assume, there is a way to call it globally, but not sure..

    If my snippet call is ‘echo embed_it_get_snippet_content(711)’ on the main blog – how could i call this from a sub blog to pull the main blog registered snippet?

    Thanks for any advice.


  13. Will this plugin work to help me add schema.org microdata and keep it from stripping out? Anyone tried this?

  14. Will this work with “Custom Links”? I need to add phone numbers like (href=”tel:123.456.7890″) and WordPress strips out the “tel:”
    Any solution would be greatly appreciated!?
    Thank you,

  15. I have looked high and low around the Dashboard and admin settings and simply can not find any option at all for uploading Plug Ins. Could it be that my Theme (Greyzed) simply doesn’t permit plug-ins?

    Thanks in advance.


  16. This sounds useful. My site has a fairly clean, journalistic theme. I occasionally want to add content (a brochure, a press page, an infographic, etc) that doesn’t look like the rest of the pages.

    Does this support embedding a page constructed with tables instead of more-elegant CSS? Or is that likely to format weirdly.

  17. Just to let you know, this plugin does not interact well with the pagelines framework. It was stripping my site of some of the pagelines functions, and resetting the framework to default.
    Otherwise, I love the plugin!

  18. I installed this much-needed plugin but it is not showing up in my left-menu. It is showing up on the page-edit. Help!

  19. Never mind the previous question. I figured how to use this via custom fields. Excellent plugin – thanks so much!

  20. Love it, love it, love it!

    Only one problem for one client. I am using the WP Job Board plugin for a client, which enlists users as Subscribers. When I log in as a Subscriber and visit a page where I am using EmbedIt Pro, I see “Edit Snippet” on the page. When I click the link, I get the message, “You are not allowed to edit this item.”

    I don’t want site users that aren’t Administrators to see this message, they don’t have privileges to edit it anyway. Is there a way to get rid of “Edit Snippet” message for Subscribers? Thanks!

  21. Hello,

    I am testing Embedit Pro on an site that isn’t live yet. It’s working great! However, after putting a login function to get into a page on my site, and after logging in, the “edit snippet” button appears at the bottom of the snippet. How do I prevent that from happening, so that my subscribers can’t see that button.


  22. Hi,
    The plugin is great. However I want to know how can I insert another display code in the snippet. For example, i am using custom contact form and i want to insert it at a specific location in the html snippet, where and how should i proceed? example code to insert is: [customcontact form=1]
    OR PHP code:

    Please help. Urgently needed.

  23. How about inserting YouTube video strip, Twitter code, BlinkX video code, RevolverMaps code? Are any of them insertable? And if inserted, will they work? 🙂

  24. Hi, I would like to embed justintv on my website, will this plug in work for that? And can you possibly explain how I can do this? I want my site to show the psychics live as soon as someone goes into my site, not have to wait until they register and start chatting..understand? Thanks!

  25. Thank you for your wonderful plugin, I was looking for the plugin that can add Google Virtual tour, and yours is the best!

  26. Hi I am finding it a problem getting a HTML Snippet into WordPress I may be doing something wrong any help appreciated.

    I want to place a ‘Safe Site’ logo provided by AVG on every page of a site I am building for a charity. AVG give a HTML code to be inserted into a HTML page, so using Embedit Pro I created a HTML Snippet calling it Safe Site. In the Widgets of my theme there is a HTML Snippet to place in the theme, I used this selecting the snippet ‘SAFE SITE’ as created. I placed it in both the sidebar and the footer. It does not appear in either and all that appears in the footer are the words ‘SAFE SITE’. If I enter the short code as created onto each individual page the logo appears OK, but I would ike it to appear on every page using the widget as I have over 80 pages that would need a physical entry. The other code provided for the snippet is
    which has to be placed in the template but I have no idea where this would be in the theme files that can be edited

    If anyone can give a bit of advice I would really appreciate it. I have tried wordpress forum but had no response.


    So bloody annoyed by WP to keep trimming my HTML code, hence messing the display.

    I use your HTML code, and its working like a charm!

    Thank you once again,

  28. Hi,

    Thanks for this plugin! I installed it But somehow it’s not clear for me how to use it – I’m just a beginner.

    I need to integrate an existing html page into a wordpress site that already has a theme installed.
    I’m helping my friend to set up an entry page like this:
    into her existing site that is using Yin & Yang theme:

    In your experience, is that possible at all to do it with your plugin? Or any other way?
    And of course I’d like to keep the formatting of my entry page as well. I’ve used tables to layout the page using a very good WYSIWIG editor – Microsoft Expression Web4 (I don’t know any other way). The links from the buttons and images will be changed later to open the specific media category.

    Appreciate any comments, advise and tips how to get it done.



  29. This plugin is great! Only problem is that when someone who is a subscriber signs in, the “edit snippet” message appears underneath the snippet on the page or post where the snippet has been used. That message should not be for that level of user. Would be terrific if this could be corrected. Thanks.

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