Cluster One 1.2

Cluster-One 1.2 is finally about to be released! A number of small bugs has been fixed and a couple of new features have been embedded, here’s a quick list of whats new in the pack:

  • Chrome First load glitch has been fixed.
  • Increased js performances, Cluster-One 1.2 loads 1/3 faster than 1.1
  • New beta slider function allows up to 3 slider istances per post and 10+ images per slider, demo on Hexagon.
    To embed the new slider in your post use the following shortcode structure:
    First slider istance:
    [c1_slider_img]url to first image[/c1_slider_img]
    [c1_slider_img]url to second image[/c1_slider_img]
    Second slider istance:
    [c1_slider_img]url to first image[/c1_slider_img]
    [c1_slider_img]url to second image[/c1_slider_img]
    Third slider istance:
    [c1_slider_img]url to first image[/c1_slider_img]
    [c1_slider_img]url to second image[/c1_slider_img]

The old slider function works fine for less than 10 images per slider is still 100% working in 1.2 so consider using both slider functions and help us with some feedback on our Support Board.

Proceed to Versioning Board to get latest release!

6 thoughts on “Cluster One 1.2

  1. Another improvement in the new Cluster-One is that now all CSS rules are embedded in an external file, leaving your HTML source code much shorter.

    The CSS is automatically cached too to provide more speed and lower the number of database queries.

    If you are replacing an older version of Cluster One, after uploading the new version you might see your site without CSS (black background).

    Just enable once the editor (login if you aren’t, and click the icon on the lower right part of the screen) – your CSS will work again.

  2. Hi,

    Question: i have added the following code to my post:

    [c1_slider_img]url to first image[/c1_slider_img]
    [c1_slider_img]url to second image[/c1_slider_img]

    do i need to anything else beside giving the location of the slides?
    Because now, i dont see the slides…

    I have cluster one installed.
    Do i need to update Cluster one? If so, how can i do that?
    Please inform asap

  3. Hello, I’m trying install cluster one, but after activate the theme, when click on the Cluster One Settings
    appear “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”, but I’m a Admin user, you have some instalation guide ? Thanks!

  4. Very strange. We never had this issue – is it a fresh WordPress install or an existing site? Try with a fresh install too if you can.
    Is it a multi-site WordPress install? Which WP version are you using?
    Are you using the latest C1 theme version?
    Are you getting the same error if you switch to another theme?

    Thank you.
    BTW, the Cluster One Settings page is only for disabling Ajax navigation, all theme options are editable via the LTE editor, accessible from your site’s home page.

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